Monday, January 27, 2020
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Are you currently in China? Well, you are about to come across Samsung Pay

The tech world has got overwhelmed by the competition

When it comes to the competition of all the big tech giants, so one can identify it as defining phase that determines the direction of the tech world towards progress and currently three major big giants such as Alibaba, Apple and Samsung are head-to head when it comes to dominate the tech world with launching the same sort of product respectively. This sort of healthy competition among major tech giants is the best thing in the tech world, as people get a chance to get their hands on the right product that can accomplish their needs.

An insight of Mobile-Payment System

As the technology evolves, so you come across new things or technologies each day and in the recent past the technology, which stunned people all across the world , was mobile-payment systems and it is gradually becoming the most acquired system for people, when it comes to pay for in-store purchases rather than using cards. This mobile payment system, enables people to pay with comfort through their smart phones and currently the country which the tech giants are targeting in this regard is none other than China and one of its examples, is the launching of Samsung Pay in China soon after the Apple launched Apple pay there in China, but both these big tech giants, must understand that they will have to compete with Alibaba’s Alipay. This seems to be the hardest job for both the Tech giants, as Alibaba has its name when it comes to electronic payment market in China, but one cannot deny the importance of time, as it will decide in the future as among these three major tech giants, which one of them will lead that specific market.

Samsung is on a new path now

Samsung has now come up with launching its Samsung Pay in China and for that it has collaborated with one of the local vendors and that is UnionPay, though Samsung Pay has been launched by the company, but competing there in China in that specific market, will require Samsung to provide unparalleled services and that is the way which will make it a step ahead of other giants such as Apple and Alibaba. China’s Smartphone market is known to be the largest market in the world and that will have attracted both Apple and Samsung for coming up with their own respective mobile-payment-systems.


According to many I.T and economy experts, marking a strong existence in that specific market in China will not be an easy task for both Apple and Samsung as Alipay and WeChat have already dominated this specific market in China and though Samsung and Apple happen to be the big tech giants but they are newcomers for this specific market in China and it seems that it will take years for them to have their market share as well.