Monday, December 9, 2019
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Argentina displays latest products in Riyadh road show

Some 20 major entrepreneurs and companies from Argentina have showcased their products here as part of their two-day business trip at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI).
The event, in which officials of the Argentine chambers of commerce are also participating, began in Qatar before it concluded in Dubai on Friday.
Speaking to Arab News, Minister Jose Maria Venere, deputy chief of mission at the Argentine Embassy, said the business delegation composed of Argentina entrepreneurs was the first to visit Saudi Arabia from their country.
“We organized the road show of Argentinean entrepreneurs of different sectors to come to Saudi Arabia and promote trade with their counterparts here,” said Venere.
Explaining to Arab News, he said, “We try to diversify our offers as most of the world identifies Argentina as an agro business only. We have a wide proposal of options and opportunities in business besides agricultural items.”
According to him, Argentina exports a bulk of raw materials to Saudi Arabia but the country is more famous for its agro-business, which is one of its main sectors providing a lot of opportunities for growth worldwide.
“This is a great opportunity to showcase what Argentina can offer to their counterparts in Saudi Arabia,” Venere said.
He added that there is a chamber in the delegation responsible for the halal certificate, which has been authorized by a Saudi-based Islamic organization in the country to issue the certificate for halal meat exports.
The other chamber has representatives who promote Argentine exports abroad in both the private and public sectors.
Referring to the response of their Saudi counterparts, he said they will have back to back meetings to see the response of the Saudi businessmen. “So far they have shown interest in what our companies are offering,” he said. “We had one session of back to back meetings today but tomorrow we will have meetings outside the chamber in different companies to familiarize ourselves with the process of production in Saudi Arabia,” he added.
Besides agro products, Argentina has a lot to offer in terms of building productive investment growth through the promotion of dynamic opportunities and high-quality investor cooperation.
The minister said they have an opportunity to exhibit their talent in one of the best places in the world. Argentina has an economy that has delivered opportunities, growth and profitability to local and foreign investors in almost every productive sector for over a decade.
He said: “We offer investors including highly qualified workers, plentiful natural resources, and a long-standing tradition of technological and industrial development in connectivity and infrastructure.”
In a previous interview, the Argentine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Jaime Sergio Cerda, said that the volume of exports from his country to the Gulf states has doubled from $3.6 billion to $6.5 billion in 2010 and 2012, of which Saudi Arabia alone acquires 50 percent of those exports composed of agriculture, food and automotives, the major products of Argentina.
“Argentina has just launched a drive to revert a sharp fall in its trade surplus, by aiming to generate a 16 percent increase in its exports by 2015,” said Buenos Aires Herald.
According to the paper, the country posted in 2013 a trade surplus of $9 billion as a result of exports growing by 3 percent to $83 billion and imports growing by 8 percent to $74 billion.