Monday, September 16, 2019
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Armenian Ambassador, Head of Journalists’ Union discuss region’s affairs

Head of Lebanese Journalists' Union, Elias Aoun, received on Wednesday the Ambassador of Armenia to Lebanon, Samuel Meguerditchian, with talks touching on an array of affairs mainly related to the situation in Lebanon and Armenian as well as to the ongoing war in the region.

The ambassador stressed before his host that "the Armenian community in Lebanon is not a Diaspora but rather an essential part of Lebanon's society, at all levels... We strive to boost cooperation between Lebanon and Armenia, especially in the judicial field."

"We believe that the press plays a constructive role in finding solutions for problems. We hope Lebanon would enjoy political, security and economic stability through the election of a President of the Republic. We, in Armenia, will spare no effort to stand by Lebanon, especially at this troubled stage prevailing over the East, mainly due to the bloody war in Syria," the diplomat said, noting that a huge number of Syrians were displaced to Armenia due to that war.

However, Meguerditchian did not fail to mention the fact that Syria, itself, had in the past hosted and welcomed those who escaped the Turkish massacres.

"Armenia is carefully monitoring the situation in Lebanon and is working hard for the Lebanese to agree on a single word so as to end the presidential vacuum crisis," he stressed.

In response to a question about the Armenian Republic's relationship with Russia, he said, "It's a strong and steady friendship, and we cooperate together in various fields, with the knowledge that this relationship will never prevent us from having good ties with the United States and the European Union."

Pertaining to the situation in Syria, the Armenian Ambassador assured that "Syria has the freedom to elect the president it wants. We support Syria's right to decide its own destiny and we will not stand against it, because we cannot forget the many privileges it gave to the Armenians who sought it and lived in it."

"The Russian presence in Syria is legitimate," he added.

In response to a question about the sons of the Armenian community regaining citizenship, the diplomat said "Since 2005, the law has been amended in Armenia so that Armenians can carry two nationalities. In the recent past, it was imperative to waive the nationality of the State of residence if an Armenian wanted to restore his Armenian nationality."

Source: National News Agency