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Armenian state T.V documents Daesh crimes in Palmyra

Palmyra, A team from the Armenian state television is working on filming a documentary on the crimes of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in Palmyra archeological city and in a number of provinces.

Director of the documentary ValtanFancyan, in a statement to SANA reporter in Palmyra, said that the goal behind the documentary is to convey an image to the Western public opinion on what happened to the archeological sites in Palmyra to the attacks launched by Daesh terrorist organization.

Palmyra which stood in the face of the Romans in the past, will remain a symbol of defiance in the face of any attack against its human culture, Fancyan said.

He hailed the facilitations provided to his work team by the bodies concerned in Syria to be able to film the documentary.

For his part Cameraman ArsAneKhochayo said that Syria has a great human heritage which deserves to shed light on by media due to its historical and cultural importance on the international level.

He added that the documentary should focus on the crimes committed by terrorists and their attacks against the cultural history which belongs to all humanity.

He noted that the documentary seeks to encourage all the international mass media to come to Palmyra in order to document the crimes committed by the enemies of culture against the archeological monuments in the city.

Several foreign media delegations have visited Palmyra historical city to prepare films and documentaries on the crimes committed by Daesh terrorist organization against the locals and the archeological edifices in the city.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency