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Assad delivers congratulatory message to Aoun: No new page with Lebanon

President Michel Aoun received at Baabda Palace on Monday a Syrian delegation headed by the Minister of Presidential Affairs of Syria, Mansour Azzam, who relayed President Bashar Assad's felicitations to Aoun and assertion that Syria does not plan to open a new page in relations with Lebanon.

"We continue on the same page of constant and balanced ties," Azzam told the press, claiming that there wasn't an old page for a new page to begin.

"The main thing is the common interests of both countries, including stability and security," he said, adding that as long as Lebanon and Syria identify Israel and terrorism as their common enemy, then both countries were on the same boat.

Azzam told the press that Aoun confirmed the deep ties between both countries and their peoples, and the "deep brotherly relation between [Aoun] and President Bashar Assad."

The Syrian Minister declined to state clearly whether or not Assad planned to send a similar congratulatory message to Prime Minister Designate Saad Hariri, delaying the matter to when the cabinet formed.

Separately the President of the Republic convened with former President Michel Sleiman, who said after the meeting that he urged the Aoun to continue on the path of Baabda Declaration.

Among Baabda visitors today were former Minister Marwan Charbel and Secretary General of the Lebanese-Syrian higher Council, Nasri Khoury.

Source: National News Agency