Friday, December 6, 2019
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Avoid costly roaming costs by renting mobile WiFi hotspot device

Dubai: Hungarian mobile wireless rental company Wi4Go has started a new service for tourists to stay online anywhere and anytime when being in the UAE.

Tourists will be able to rent a small mobile WiFi renter device (Wi4Go) that provides fast and limitless 3G connection to access the data.

“Tourists and residence can rent the device and connect to the internet and enjoy 24/7 3G unlimited internet access. For as low as Dh50 daily fee and Dh350 refundable deposit,” Peter Nagy, CEO of Wi4Go – Strong and Unique LLC, told Gulf News.

He said that Wi4Go has opened its first kiosk at the Dubai International Airport Terminal 3. The SIM is provided by etisalat and in-built inside the device.

Being online has always been a “serious problem” to all travellers in most countries but the costly data roaming bills after a certain trip or just simply couldn’t connect to the internet, when it would have been important, has forced us to start this service no matter where we are.

He said tourists can keep their home country SIM card in the phone and they can use the device in the UAE without occurring costly charges.

“There are more than 10 million tourists coming into Dubai annually and we expect to rent 200 units per day,” Nagy said.

The device provides 3G connection in 10 metre radius and three additional devices like tablet, computer or mobile phone can be connected to the facility.

It is very useful, he said. Unlike in Europe, he said that very few places provide free WiFi access in the UAE and even if it s free, it is very busy and slow internet connection.

People can order the device from the hotel where they stay. It will be delivered to them by a courier and they can leave it on the reception after the renting period is over. They can also register on the website and pay it online to get it delivered anywhere in the UAE.

When asked what will happen when people take the device without returning it, he said that it does not work outside the UAE.

The company currently provides the services in Hungary, Serbia and the UAE.

As part of expansion plan, Wi4Go is planning to open at Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 and next year at Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central.

“If everything goes as planned, we will be opening at Abu Dhabi Airport in September of October,” he said.