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Awareness activities and free mammograms within National Campaign for Breast Cancer Early Detection

Provinces, Civil associations and non-governmental organizations are actively involved in the National Campaign for Breast Cancer Early Detection launched earlier this month through educational events and breast cancer advocacy and awareness activities, as well as free cancer mammography screening and medical examinations.

The Syrian Society against Cancer is providing medical tests and mammograms free of charge at al-Sham Medical Complex, in addition to organizing awareness-raising symposiums at which breast cancer survivors share their personal experiences in the hope that others may learn from.

Open-dialogue sessions with specialized doctors will also be held throughout the month of October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide.

Since the beginning of the campaign, 12 to 15 women undergo mammograms daily which is three times compared to normal days, said Nada Nou'man, Director of al-Sham Medical Complex.

She noted that the health check takes only few minutes which could protect any woman from a long journey of breast cancer treatment and psychological suffering.

Cancer incidence rates in Syria are still within the global proportions and the health sector is making progress in terms of continuity of providing high quality services to patients despite the war, Nou'man added.

Meanwhile in Quneitra province, Mamdouh Abaza Hospital and all heath centers are participating in raising awareness about breast self-examination (BSE), a technique which allows an individual to examine his/her breast tissue for any physical or visual changes, in addition to addressing the breast cancer's major causes and treatment methods.

At a health symposium, Head of Health Programs Department, Dr. Iman al-Yousef, said that breast cancer can be attributed to genetic factors, late marriage, nulliparity, late childbearing, not-breastfeeding, precocious puberty, exposure to radiology and obesity.

In the same context, the National Hospital of Qamishli in Hasaka province provides free mammography screening for women, in addition to breast cancer awareness-raising sessions by specialized medical cadres since the early detection of cancer disease greatly increases the chances for successful treatment and enhances survival rates.

The National Campaign for Early Detection of Breast Cancer was launched at the beginning of October in parallel with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. More than 132 health facilities and civil society associations are taking part in this worldwide month event.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency