Friday, June 5, 2020
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Bait al-Sharq for heritage..developmental incubator for ancient Syrian crafts

Damascus, In al-Jazmatiya area in Damascene neighborhood of al-Midan , the visitor stands in front of a human developmental project called Bait al-Sharq for heritage, one of projects of the Syrian Association of al-Wafa for development.

Bait al-Sharq for heritage is an incubator for craftsmen whose workshops were destroyed during the years of the terrorist war against Syria.

It dates back to the end of the Mamluk era and was threatened to collapse.

The concerned persons in the association rushed to renovate it in 2018 to become a center for training on crafts, introducing the importance of the national heritage, and a means to earn a decent living for artisans and developing capabilities and skills of newcomers.

The hosted crafts in Bait al-Sharq are located in the halls and includes the wooden mosaic, the shells, the stone mosaics, the marble, the engraving with all its types, the Arabic thread, the cornices, the stained glass, the damascene paint, the Arabic calligraphy, the brocade and the hand carpets.

Director of the Association, Remal Saleh, told SANA that Bait al-Sharq achieved its first goal by finding a place for craftsmen whose their workshops in the countryside of Damascus were vandalized by terrorism .

Now the association moved to achieve its second goal which is educating those wishing to practice these professions in order to preserve it from extinction and to build partnership with the concerned institutions and turn the project into an academy for the teaching of the Syrian heritage, she said.

According to Saleh, the third objective focuses on the integration of craft and science by setting up a heritage library for specialists and researchers in the Syrian heritage.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency