Basra Light And Heavy Crude Oil Rise Today

Baghdad The prices of Basra Light and Heavy crude oil rose today, Tuesday, in conjunction with the rise in Brent and US crude.

Basra Light, exported to Asia, rose to $ 69.04 a barrel, by 0.95 cents, or 1.40%, from last Thursday.

While Basra heavy crude prices recorded $ 64.06 per barrel, an increase of 2.48%.

Basra Light Oil recorded the highest prices compared to other OPEC oils, as Saudi Arabian Light crude scored $ 67.85 per barrel, Emirati Murban Blend recorded $ 67.47 per barrel, while Sahran’s Algerian mix recorded $ 67.85 per barrel, and Nigerian’s Bony Light hit $ 67.98, and Angola’s Gerasol. $ 68.65.b

International oil prices rose today, reaching Brent crude at $ 69.73, and US West Texas crude at $ 66.52.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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