Friday, June 5, 2020
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Bassil calls on Syrians to return to their homeland

The Central Municipalities Committee for the "Free Patriotic Movement" launched today the Third Municipal Conference entitled: "Your country needs your return: the crisis of displacement and the role of municipalities," held at Forum de Beirut under the patronage of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister, Gebran Bassil.

Taking the word, Minister Bassil stressed the importance of the Syrian refugees' return to their homeland.

"The return issue is, of course, in the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese, but it is also for the benefit of Syria and the Syrians, because the return of the Syrians to their homeland is a right and does not require an international resolution or an international law," the minister said.

"In the Syrian refugees' case, there are political conditions that have taken place and today they can return, and for that we affirm that we are with the unity of Syria ... and we will not hesitate to insist on our position without being racists," he went on.

Bassil emphasized that "the Lebanese state will not allow the Lebanese to stay without work, while the Syrian refugees work illegally," adding that the municipal authorities allow the Syrians to work only in agriculture, cleaning and construction.

Finally, he deemed that "there are Lebanese who benefit from the situation of displacement and there is an integrated political, financial and media system that encourages Syrians to prevent their return."

Source: National News Agency