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Bassil meets UNRWA Commissioner, WFP Director

Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister Gebran Bassil tackled with Commissioner of the UNRWA, Pierre Kr?henbuhl, the agency's performance in Lebanon as well as its priorities and needs.

After the meeting, Kr?henbuhl said "It is very important to keep these periodic meetings on between the Foreign Ministry and the UNRWA, and we will continue to work in different areas in the Middle East for the sake of Palestinian refugees."

"We know that the UNRWA is caring for 300 thousand of those refugees in Lebanon, and we realize that the Palestinian refugees in Syria are facing crucial conditions. We are also taking care of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza," he said.

"I have seized the opportunity to present Minister Bassil with a list of our main priorities, on top of which our work in the educational and financial sectors and the challenges we face therein. We highly appreciate the significant support we are receiving from the Minister, and I look forward to future collaboration with him," he went on.

In response to a question about Bassil's call upon the UNRWA to respect its mandate in Lebanon, Kr?henbuhl stressed that "the powers of the UNRWA are confined to the Palestinian refugees and the agency has no authority to work with the Syrian refugees whose affairs are handled by the High Commissioner for Refugees and other international organizations," explaining that "the misunderstanding happened as a result inaccurate information circulated by one of the media outlets."

Later on, Minister Bassil met with the WFP director Dominique Heinrich, who explained to his host the nature of the program's work in Lebanon.

"The Minister was open and appreciative of our tasks, and we agreed to work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese," he said in the wake of the meeting.

Source: National News Agency