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Bavarian Minister of State Beate Merk visits Lebanon

In a press release by the German Embassy in Beirut, it said: "The State Minister for European Affairs of the Federal State of Bavaria, Dr. Beate Merk, visits Lebanon from 30 January until 1 February 2017. Merk will have political talks with Social Minister Pierre Bou Assi and State Minister for Refugees Mouin Merehbi. Merk will also inaugurate a vocational training school in the Bekaa for Syrian refugees financed by the Federal State of Bavaria with over 400,000 USD that will qualify young Syrian refugees with professional skills thus enabling them to work in the reconstruction of Syria at a later stage."

Release added: "Throughout the last year the Federal German Government has substantially increased its assistance to vulnerable populations in Lebanon to almost 400 million USD. These funds are used for food assistance, education, support to host communities and wider humanitarian support, making Germany the largest bilateral provider of assistance for Lebanon."

Release concluded: "One focus has been education: With a commitment of 70 million USD in 2016 alone, Germany continues to be a strong partner to the educational system of Lebanon. Funds have been made available towards the "Reaching all Children with Education Program" (RACE), enabling the enrollment of 200,000 Lebanese and 175,000 Syrian children in public schools. 400 million USD from Germany for vulnerable populations in Lebanon in 2016."

Source: National News Agency