Berdnikov: US practices of plunder in Syria are a colonial tradition

Moscow, SANA- Chairman of the Commission on National and Cultural Heritage Development of the Council for Nationalities Affaires affiliated to Moscow City , Alexander Berdnikov slammed the practices of plunder by the US in Syria, noting that these practices are a colonial tradition practiced by Washington in the whole world and is currently followed in the Middle East.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow on Thursday, Berdnikov said US sees the Middle East as a region for its interests, including plundering Syria’s natural resources.

Berdnikov stressed that the practices of the Turkish regime in Syria are a violation of all international charters and an illegal interference in its domestic affairs, indicating that the Turkish ambitions in the Russian territory also that require the Russian people ‘s condemnation of these ambitions.

He pointed out that the Russian social organizations support and stand by the Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘s approach in defending Syria’s sovereignty and independence, including its right to hold presidential elections, as stated in its Constitution.



Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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