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Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, warned his visitors and the delegations he received at his home in Msayleh of "the serious repercussions that may result from any military action targeting Syria."

He expressed his fear that "the first victims [of such an action] would be the stability and unity of the region, not to mention the bloodshed, destruction and displacement of the brotherly Syrian people."

"It is a war which, if broken out, God forbid, would be funded out of the pockets of Arabs and their wealth, and the results will inevitably be negative and destructive to their future and the stability of their countries," Berri said.

On the other hand, Speaker Berri said during a meeting with a student delegation from the Evangelical School in Sidon that he "is not concerned about the future of Lebanon, which cannot live or persist without coexistence among all communities."

Pertaining to his opinion on the electoral law based on proportionality, Berri reiterated that "the best proportionality, and that which provides true partnership, is the one based on Lebanon as a single constituency."

"The current law, if it remains unchanged, is a very dangerous law on Lebanon," he said, stressing "the importance of a ministry of planning in the next stage for all the work required for bringing about reform and fighting corruption.

Source: National News Agency