Friday, November 15, 2019
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Boroujerdi: Syria is the front line of Resistance in the region

Damascus, Chairman of the Iranian Shura Council's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi stressed that Syria is the frontline of the resistance in the region.

Boroujerdi said at a press conference in Damascus on Tuesday that Iran stands against terrorism in Syria and defends the axis of resistance, congratulating the Syrian people over victories in battlefields.

The Iranian diplomat added that the US, British and French aggression on Syria came in the aftermath of the defeat of the terrorist organizations, noting that the Syrian air defenses turned it into political and military defeat after shooting down dozens of missiles fired by the US and its allies.

Regarding the illegitimate US and Turkish presence in Syria, Boroujerdi said that Syria is and independent state and a UN member state, therefore any foreign military presence on Syrian territories without its approval is considered an occupation and their troops have to withdraw immediately.

He criticized threats made by the US President Donald Trump to pull out of Iran nuclear deal and impose new sanctions on his country.

Boroujerdi highlighted the longstanding political and military cooperation between Syria and Iran which contributed to the defeat of terrorists in Syria, stressing Iran's refusal of Turkish policies towards Syria.

He welcomed every effort exerted to push the political track in Syria forwards, pointing out that any decision taken in Geneva and Astana without the approval of the Syrian government is doomed to failure.

On economic cooperation between Syria and Iran, Boroujerdi indicated that there will be future visits for Iranian officials to Syria during which long-term cooperation memorandums will be signed.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency