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DAMASCUS, Syria - At least 30 people were killed Thursday, when a car bomb tore through a rebel checkpoint in Syria's northern province of Aleppo, opposition activists said.

The explosive-laden vehicle targeted a checkpoint manned by the rebels in the city of Azaz, in the northern countryside of Aleppo, near the Turkish border, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Other activists, meanwhile, placed the death toll at 30, saying the Daesh group was responsible for the bombing, against the Jabaha al-Shamiyeh, or the Levant Front, rebel group in Azaz.

Azaz, a logistical supply route, close to the Turkish-Syrian border, fell to the rebels in July, 2012.

The Daesh has been pitted against other rebel groups in Syria for a long time, particularly as many of the rebel groups are fighting the Daesh, as part of their bid to clear their records before the international community, and portray themselves as "moderate rebels," to lure the United States and other Western powers to supply them with arms.

Also in Aleppo Thursday, at least five children were killed, when rebel mortar shells slammed a school in the Slaiman al-Halabi neighbourhood, located in the government-controlled western part of Aleppo.

The violence in Aleppo has been recently intensified, with warring parties shelling each other's areas, amid an international efforts, to revive a ceasefire in that province.

Source: Nam News Network