Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Chris Cairns attacks ICC match-fixing probe

Auckland, New Zealand: Retired New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns has challenged former teammates to go public with any evidence they may have of his involvement in match-fixing after slamming an International Cricket Council (ICC) investigation into the allegations as extraordinary and reckless.

Cairns called an impromptu news conference at Eden Park on Sunday, on the fourth day of the first test between New Zealand and India, to denounce the ICC probe and to complain that neither New Zealand Cricket (NZC) nor former New Zealand players had publicly defended him.

The ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit has confirmed it is conducting an investigation involving Cairns and his former New Zealand teammates Lou Vincent and Daryl Tuffey.

Vincent and Tuffey have been spoken to by investigators but Cairns says he has yet to be directly approached.

Cairns told reporters at Eden Park he was aware of “whispers” behind his back about his alleged involvement in match-fixing and challenged former teammates to “man up” and make public any evidence they hold.

“Go on the record,” Cairns said. “Contact the ICC. If you’re man enough to be saying it behind my back, say it to the people that you should be saying it to or to me.

“I’m yet to hear any of those players come out and say that.”

Cairns said New Zealand Cricket had taken no steps to represent his interests or to attempt to ascertain the nature of the allegations against him.

“The thing that really irks me with NZC is from day one I’ve had the door shut in my face,” he said. “You’ve got a board member, Martin Snedden, a lawyer. Does he see this as a just process? Is this a proper way to conduct an investigation?

“Sir Richard Hadlee as a board member, how would Sir Richard feel having his family name being dragged through the mud as mine is?

“And David White, the chief executive, is he happy that somebody who gave 16 years of his life to this institution, over 250 games, is David White happy with the way this process is being done? I see NZC declined to comment. Why?”

Cairns said he would be unemployed from Monday when his commentary contract with New Zealand’s Sky Television ended. He had no prospect of future employment until the ICC investigation had been concluded and did not know how he would provide for his wife and family.

Cairns said the manner in which the ICC was conducting its investigation, which included interviewing his former wife in South Africa, was “recklessly tarnishing” his name.

“All I know is the ICC seem to be chasing smoke around the world,” he said. “The ICC has to investigate if people are talking but we’re now into the tenth week and this is severely impacting on my providing for my family.”