Monday, September 28, 2020
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Chunk of 2014 budget to go to govt wages

The biggest chunk of next year’s government spending, 37 per cent, will go to the wages and salaries, further highlighting the government’s priority to support its workforce and its desire to move forward with its Emiratisation programme by providing 1,650 jobs in 2014.

A significant amount , 33 per cent, will be allocated to goods and services, and an additional 3 per cent to capital expenditures. This indicates that the government intends to “maintain the development of government institutions” and “provide better government services” to its population.

Spending on infrastructure projects will also continue, with 17 per cent being allocated to development spending. The budget for the expansion of infrastructure projects has been increased by 13 per cent to Dh6.3 billion.

Dubai is expected to launch new projects in the coming year, to support Expo 2020, which is seen to boost the emirate’s position as a major investment destination.

Arif Abdul Rahman Ahli, executive director of budgeting and planning, said that, when it was preparing the budget, the government adhered to the fiscal policy rules by using recurring revenues to finance recurring expenses and achieving a surplus estimated at Dh2 billion.