Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Civilians Block SDF’s Attempt to Construct Military Points along Borders with Hasaka

TEHRAN Residents of Hasaka province prevented the Syrian Democratic Forces from constructing military points in Hasaka province near the border with Turkey, and called for SDF's expulsion from the region.

The Al-Khabour news website reported that the residents of the town of Tal Arqam to South of Ra'as al-Ain border region in Hasaka and near the border with Turkey engaged in fierce clashes with the a number of SDF militias who were intending to turn Tal Arqam town into a military stronghold by sending heavy military equipment to that region.

It noted that the civilians prevented the SDF from building military positions and drove them out of the town.

Meantime, the SDF also sent massive military convoy comprising a large number of military vehicles and Kurdish militias to the region.

The SDF has reinforced its military presence along border regions as the Turkish Army started sending troops to conduct military operations against Kurdish militias in Northeastern Syria.

In a relevant development last Saturday, the US Army had forwarded hundreds of trucks containing logistics and military equipment to the Syrian province of Hasaka over the past three days months after it declared an end to the fight against ISIL.

The Kurdish-language Xeber24 reported that the 200 US trucks carrying military equipment, logistics, military vehicles, oil tankers and covered trucks arrived in US-backed forces' military base in Hasaka province through Simalka crossing from US bases in Iraq.

It noted that the US military convoys have arrived in a military base controlled by the US-backed forces in Tal al-Bidar region of Hasaka province.

The Xeber24, meantime, reported that about 250 US military trucks carrying military and logistical support had arrived in Tal al-Bidar Military Base last week.

The US sends convoys of military trucks to the Kurdish-controlled areas in Eastern Syria while the US and its allied Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have claimed that the military operations in Eastern Euphrates have come to an end.

Source: Fars News Agency