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Conference of International Solidarity with Syria: Syrian people set example in struggle against imperialism

Damascus, The Conference of International Solidarity with Syria held by the International Peace Council kicked off Tuesday in Damascus in cooperation with the International Young Democrat Union and the National Union of Syrian Students.

Participants in the Conference stressed that the Syrian people have set an example in the struggle against the war of terror, adding that the fierce attack against Syria was meant to dismember the country and put an end to its pan-Arab role.

They called for unity and solidarity for bringing peace and justice in the world and putting an end to all forms of aggression and wars against nations of the region waged by the Zionist enemy, the USA, and their imperliast followers.

Head of the International Peace Council Socorro Gomes stressed that most of the Western media outlets are working in service of imperialistic powers and they had the most prominent role in fueling the situation and changing facts since the beginning of events in Syria.

For his part, Venezuelan MP Yul Jabour pointed out that the Syrian people have given lessons of struggle and sacrifice for the sake of the homeland, showing confidence that the Venezuelan people will confront the US attacks and attempts of interference just like the Syrians did.

Representative of the Turkish Peace Committee Aydemir Guler said that Turkish peace forces have attempted to stop the atrocities of the aggressive Turkish government against Syria since the beginning of the war.

Representative of Tunisian National Peace Council Imad Khaskhousi conveyed greetings of the Tunisian people and their support to the Syrians against the imperialistic aggression launched against their country under the title of Arab Spring.

Representative of Lebanese Peace Council Jamil Sadia condemned the illegitimate US, Western, and Turkish aggression on Syria and called for the withdrawal of these countries' force from Syria.

Representative of British Young Communist League Robin Talbot clarified that most of the British people do not support the imperialistic policy adopted by their government.

Representatives of participating delegations from Portugal, Palestine, Egypt, India, USA, Venezuela, Cuba, Italy, South Africa, Mozambique, Western Sahara, Ireland, Dominican Republic, and Hungary also expressed their support to the Syrian people and their right to determine their own future.

Head of External Relations Bureau at National Union of Syrian Students Arshid Sayasneh expressed appreciation of the solidarity shown by the participants with Syria, clarifying that the country will declare victory against terrorism and imperialism soon.

The Greece-based International Peace Council is an NGO of a popular and social nature that was established in 1950. It contains representatives of world peace organizations that tend to defend peace.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency