Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Conserving power ‘could save Kingdom SR100bn’

Conserving power and energy could save SR100 billion, Sami Akeel, vice president, Sawary Energy, said in a statement issued yesterday.
“Such savings could be usefully invested in infrastructure development,” Akeel said. By reducing the load during peak time, Akeel said, 175 million oil barrels will be saved over the next five years.
“The demand for electric power in the region is increasing rapidly, and it is set to grow by seven percent annually in the coming decade,” he said.
Akeel indicated that the Kingdom is embracing energy efficiency strategies, calling to benefit from the experiences of foreign countries through the pursuit of their expertise. Such moves, he said, have led to reducing power consumption by 51 percent in the industrial areas, during the last three decades.
“These countries were able to achieve an annual growth of 1.7 percent in their efficient consumption index due to their intelligent use of available power during the last 30 years,” he added.
Among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), he said, the residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors were found to be more efficient in using power by recording 70 percent from total reduction of power in local consumption and 63 percent at global level.
“The transportation sector contributed around 25 percent to the total reduction of power consumption in the European Union countries.”
“According to Energy Efficiency Centre, the projections indicate that the rapid growth of domestic consumption of oil and gas are being estimated at five percent yearly, which is high as per all standards compared to the world consumption rate, higher than the intended economic growth in the Kingdom.
The consumption growth rate in industrial countries is half the rate of economic growth. The rate in developing countries, particularly in China, did not exceed its economic growth rate, “ he concluded.
Sawary Energy is one of the leading companies in the power industry operating in Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with the Meteorological Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA). It has been operating for the last 40 years through its network of branches all over the Kingdom. The company provides all power solutions, which include supplying and installing electric diesel generators, automatic and manual transfer switches, electrical distribution panels, automatic and manual parallel systems.