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Customers demand most of Rolls Royce bespoke offering

Of all Rolls Royce customers, it seems that buyers in the Middle East are the most demanding of the company’s Bespoke Program.
This program allows customers to individualize their cars to suit their own tastes.
The Middle East region boasts the richest bespoke specifications in the world and in 2013 every vehicle delivered contained bespoke elements, among them a number of themed bespoke artistic creations.
Recently, a Rolls Royce bespoke designers’ team visited the region.
Richard Collar, leader of the team, hailed the creativity of Rolls-Royce’s customers in the region and their boldness in pushing the bespoke program to new limits in personalized automotive artistry. “Bespoke is Rolls-Royce,” he said.
Tailor-made motor cars are at the core of Rolls Royce business and customers in the region love the fact that they can reflect their individuality and their passion through unique ultra-luxury automobiles such as the ones we are showing, he said.
Most recently, the Phantom Coupe Chicane paid tribute to the historic Goodwood racing circuit, situated close to the home of Rolls-Royce. Its blend of color and black accents in addition to non-traditional, yet elegantly finished carbon fibre trim on the interior showed how Rolls-Royce designers work with a plethora of materials.
Preceding the Chicane, a collection of two Phantoms, named the Ghawaas collection, consisted of a saloon and a coupe, inspired by the beauty of pearls and the Gulf culture of pearl diving.
Their allure was unmistakable thanks to a Turchese exterior, with interiors fitted out in a twin-tone seashell and Turchese.
The bespoke duet also feature a personalized Dhow logo embroidered to headrests in seashell thread and mother of pear inlays throughout.
Perhaps the most aesthetically-pleasing of these one-of-a-kind creations last year was the Phantom Coupe Ruby.
This Phantom enjoyed a Merlot Red Mica exterior, with interiors fitted out in a twin tone Seashell (white) and Mugello Red.
Other bespoke touches include a personalized clock with a cut ruby stone inlay, illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy, personalized tread plates graphics and a twin coachline in Seashell with an integrated ‘Ruby’ logo.