Cyclone Freddy death toll in southern Africa tops 400


Cyclone Freddy has now killed more than 400 people in southern Africa, according to latest casualty figures.

The death toll in Malawi has to climbed to 326, with at least 201 more missing, President Lazarus Chakwera announced on Thursday night.

'The number of displaced people has more than doubled to 183,159, including 40,702 families,' he said in a televised address.

In Mozambique, at least 50 deaths have been confirmed so far, but the figure is expected to rise as rescuers continue searching for dozens of missing people.

The cyclone struck Mozambique and Malawi over the weekend for the second time in a month, destroying scores of homes and triggering widespread floods.

In its first landfall in February, the storm killed 27 people in Madagascar and Mozambique.

Aid trickles in

Malawi's government has set up over 300 camps across the country's southern region, where up to 10 districts have been impacted.

Aid is also coming in after Chakwera appealed for assistance from the international community and donors.

Neighboring Zambia has sent aircrafts to help in rescue efforts and aid distribution, while also donating food supplies and other relief items.

Gift of the Givers Foundation, a South African aid group, on Friday announced it has given aid worth 5 million rand (over $272,000) for people in Malawi.

The UN World Food Program also said on Friday that it is providing immediate lifesaving food assistance, as well trucks and boats for rescue and relief operations.

Source: Anadolu Agency