Cyclone Yaku’s torrential rains cause massive destruction in Peru


Some 2,500 people in the town of Chasquitambo, in the Peruvian region of Ancash, have been isolated for the last six days due to overflowing rivers as a result of heavy rains caused by powerful cyclone Yaku.

The population of Chasquitambo does not have drinking water, and they are resorting to drinking rainwater, the mayor of Chasquitambo, Javier Garay told local media.

"We need water. We are drinking rainwater. We are looking for water points, but the landslides come and they are blocked," said Garay.

In Ancash, a region north of Lima, homes and cars have been buried by mud, roads are blocked due to landslides and others have completely disappeared.

Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otarola has said that 30 tons of aid has been delivered to the region since the beginning of the emergency as a relief from the effects of the cyclone.

"We are working hard to consolidate this support, especially in an area as hard hit as Ancash," he said.

President Dina Boluarte approved on Wednesday declaring a state of emergency in 400 districts of southern Lima affected by landslides. The government suspended school activities in more than 30% of the country.

Defense Minister Jorge Chavez said that 5,000 members of the Armed Forces have been deployed to support emergency operations in various regions.

Otarola has called on the people to maintain unity after the rains and floods have left at least 60 people dead and 12,000 affected.

"Let's stand in solidarity with all our compatriots who are suffering the ravages of nature. This is a misfortune that affects all Peruvians. With strength, we are going to come out of this problem," he said.

The capital of Peru, where it rarely rains, is preparing for a new episode in the rainy season. However, Lima has never withstood the rains and floods that Cyclone Yaku would bring.

Source: Anadolu Agency