Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Czech Republic funds water project in Taraya

The Municipality of Taraya inaugurated a 500 cubic meter water reservoir, funded by the Czech Republic at $120,000 in a ceremony attended by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Lebanon, Michaela Frankova, and ranking dignitaries.

Frankova expressed joy over the completion of a "project benefiting both the Lebanese and the Syrians together with the funding of the Czech Republic. The Lebanese people warmly welcomed the Syrians into their land and houses. This has affected the infrastructure and services, mainly electricity and water."

"The Czech Republic appreciates the Lebanese who are hosting the Syrians, and we are pleased that our country is helping humanity through the aid of victims of wars, conflicts and natural disasters. Hence, we have agreed to finance the construction and completion of this reservoir upon the request of the Edra organization with a funding amounting at $120,000" she said.

Source: National News Agency