Monday, September 21, 2020
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Dafza announces new initiatives to foreign partners ,business consultants for 2014

Dubai: Dubai Airport Freezone (Dafza) yesterday announced a series of brand new initiatives to its network of global business consultants, who are responsible for bringing many of Dafza’s most prestigious international clients to Dubai.

At a ceremony held at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dafza congratulated their overseas partners and introduced them to several innovative changes,such as its first ever mobile app, which provides users with access to more than 120 services including new business enquiries and client directories with details of over 1600 companies.

Dafza also highlighted a change in the legal business structure, which will open many more opportunities for foreign investors, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to set up in the free zone. More facilities for Dafza’s turnkey business solutions were also announced, to help overseas companies establish a base in Dubai and expand into the Middle East and beyond.

The function, which was held to celebrate the success of 2013, was attended by Yousef Behzad, Executive Director of Human Capital and Marketing Division, in addition to a number of Dafza executive Directors and business consultants.

“We have an exceptional relationship with our international consultants who expertly share the advantages of operating from Dafza with potential clients from their own nations across the world. They have a great ability to convey the benefits of business to a global audience and this event is the perfect opportunity to meet with them once again and thank them for their contribution in bringing so many prestigious investors to our free zone to contribute to the Dubai economy and help their companies to expand into new markets.” Behzad said.

“It is also a time for our consultants to bring forward their own suggestions so that we can work even more closely together in the future. This evening is a celebration of a very cooperative and extremely successful working relationship,” Behzad added.