Friday, September 25, 2020
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DC Aviation Al-Futtaim hopes to reach out to GCC market

Dubai: Following the recent venture between Al-Futtaim and DC Aviation, a German business jet operator, the joint group now plans to extend its aircraft maintenance accreditations and hopes to reach new markets from Dubai to the wider GCC region.

The joint group, DC Aviation Al-Futtaim is now operational, making it the first integrated business aviation operation at the newly opened Al Maktoum International Airport.

Holger Ostheimer, General Manager of DC Aviation Al-Futtaim, discussed the venture saying that it will help DC Aviation increase its recognition in the market and have better exposure in the region.

He added that it will help Al Futtaim reach out further into the aviation industry and potentially providing added services in the future.

Ostheimer discussed the aviation industry in the UAE saying, “For the business aviation side, it is certainly an environment of steady growth that is due to the political climate in the area where the UAE, and Dubai most importantly, has become very attractive as a destination and as a residence.”

With this in mind, the number of business jet aircraft operated from and in Dubai has been increasing and we see them increasing in the future.”

He forecast steady growth at a five per cent mark that would be a year-on-year increase.