Monday, October 21, 2019
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DCM Danny Hall attends U.S. EmbassySponsored Spelling Bee Competition

In a press release by the US Embassy in Beirut, it said: "U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Danny Hall presided over the final round of the U.S. government-funded "Bee A Good Citizen" spelling bee program organized in partnership with USPEaK."

Release added: "17 students from grades 7 and 8, including Syrian refugees students enrolled in Lebanese public schools, participated in today's final competition at the Baakline American Corner."

Release said: "The third edition of the spelling bee program brought together 1,100 students from 22 public and private schools in the Bekaa and Mount Lebanon (Aley-Chouf) who participated in preliminary competitions within their schools, while 220 students participated in the regional competitions at the American Corners in Baakline and Zahleh in March and April. The students competed in spelling words in English revolving around the themes of conflict and peace, rights of the disabled, refugees, recreational activities and trafficking, and also participated in specially-designed activities to discuss these concepts and ideas."

Release concluded: ""The American Corners are partnerships between the Public Diplomacy section of U.S. Embassy Beirut and local institutions. In addition to books and resources about the United States, American Corners host a wide array of programs including speaking events, book readings, movie screenings, workshops, and activities for the local community."

Source: National News Agency