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Death Toll in Syria’s Aleppo Shelling Climbs to 4, 25 Injured

TEHRAN The death toll from terrorist shelling of residential quarters of Syria's Northwestern city of Aleppo rose to four people, while 25 civilians were injured, the Syrian state-run TV broadcaster reported on Thursday.

Once the largest city in Syria, Aleppo has been recovered by the government forces in 2016. Since then, Takfiri militants regularly shell the city's residential quarters, while the Syrian military responds by attacking the terrorists' positions.

Syria has been in a state of war for eight years, with the government forces fighting against numerous opposition groups as well as militant and terrorist organizations. The conflict in the country produced over five million refugees and over six million internally displaced people. Over 13 million Syrians, nearly half of them children, require humanitarian assistance.

Russia, Turkey and Iran are the ceasefire guarantors of the conflict. Moscow regularly carries out humanitarian operations across the country and helps Damascus provide safe passage for the return of Syrian refugees.

Source: Fars News Agency