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DPRK commemorates anniversary of the passing away of its founder President Kim Il-sung

Pyongyang- Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Friday commemorated the 23rd anniversary of the passing away of President Kim Il-sung, who established the modern DPRK, the Korean People’s Army, and he fought against the colonization and hegemony.

The Late President was a prominent early leader of the Korean resistance as he participated in the struggle till achieving the independence of his country and liberating it from the Japanese colonization in 1945.

President Il-sung thwarted all the imperialistic attempts to divide the Korean Peninsula as he led the struggle for reuniting the country.

In 1950, the US launched an aggressive war against the DPRK and it continued till 1953, yet, DPRK, led by Late President Il-sung, was able to remain steadfast to move later to the stage of construction and development in different economic and industrial domains based on its capabilities and self-potentials.

Despite of all the changes witnessed across the world in the seventies and eighties of the past century, President Il-sung remained adhered to the independence, principles and stances of the DPRK in rejection of the imperialistic hegemony and in support of the issues of global emancipation.

President Il-sung was also able to build a defensive basis for the DPRK and he notably developed the Korean People’s Army to become a fort that defends the country, and he also worked on establishing the Socialism in a way that allowed the country to achieve a significant progress.

He was well- known for his stances in support of the national liberation movements in many countries, particularly in East Asia, Africa, and Latin America, in addition to his principled stances towards the Arab issues, on top the Palestinian issue.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency