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du announced highest telecoms GRI rating in the Middle East for 2012

Dubai: The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, du, announced on Tuesday the release of its second Sustainable Development Report 2012 for which it has garnered a remarkable B+ rating by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Sustainable Development Report conforms to the GRI G3.1 guidelines of the United Nations Global Compact, of which du has been a member since 2008.

The company is one of only nine corporate entities in the UAE which received their GRI certification during the 2012 reporting cycle. The report was validated by a third party, the Arabic CSR Network, prior to being sent to GRI for certification. Thanks to its B+ rating achievement, du has emerged as the highest-rated telecommunications company in the UAE and the Middle East for the 2012 reporting period.

As an advocate for sustainable initiatives for a greener future, du is an ardent supporter of the UAE Green Economy Strategy. Through its Sustainable Development Report, and in light of the UAE’s bid for Expo 2020, du aims to establish industry benchmarks in matters of transparency, responsibility and accountability.

Osman Sultan, CEO, du, said, “Applying corporate governance principles as well as sustainable development are incorporated into everything that we do. It has become a corporate way of life that is embraced by everyone within our company. It is our desire to set an example in the UAE, the region and the world, by demonstrating that while sustainable success comes from within, it has a far-reaching ripple effect that touches the lives of everyone around us. We hope that by working together towards a greener future we can fulfil the wishes of the UAE’s leadership and establish a sustainable ecosystem here in the Emirates.”

Hala Badri, Executive Vice President, Brand and Communications, du, reinforced that statement, adding, “We are proud to have received such a positive GRI rating as it sheds light on our wide-ranging sustainability efforts and revolutionary initiatives. Earlier this year, we obtained our second CSR Label from Dubai Chamber and now this new recognition further underscores our transparent and holistic approach to creating real value for the various stakeholders in our community.”

du’s reporting approach is divided into five chapters: ‘Our Approach’ focuses on du’s governance strategies, ‘Our People’ highlights du’s ability to become the employer of choice for UAE Nationals, its Emiratisation initiatives, and the ways in which it engages with internal its stakeholders, ‘Our Customers’ with initiatives such as the ‘Customer Satisfaction Report’ and ‘Direct to the CCO’, ‘Our Environment’, dedicated to the schemes that du has implemented in order to reduce its carbon footprint and ‘Our Community’ which outlines du’s contributions to the people of the UAE, from providing free Iftar meals through its Ramadan Mawaed Al Rahman initiative to nurturing young talent with educational opportunities, to supporting local entrepreneurs and promoting Emirati culture.