Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Dubai medical tourism grows

Dubai has plans to become a popular medical tourism destination in the world. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) outlined its idea on Monday at a press conference.
According to the officials, the emirate has prepared a strategic plan to attract thousands of medical tourists from different countries. The main target markets will be Russia, CIS countries and South Asia as well as GCC countries.
The UAE is among the world’s top 20 destinations for medical tourism, according to a health tourism survey that has also revealed that the industry has yet to reach its full potential.
According to DHA officials, Dubai’s medical tourism initiative will bring in AED1.2 billion in revenue from patients and their families.
By the end of this year, treatment packages will be rolled out that will include the cost of treatment, visa, air ticket, and leisure activities for patients’ families.
“Dubai already has many elements that make it a favorable destination for medical tourism,” said Eisa Al-Maidour, director general of DHA, while announcing the plan.