Educational Development Conference wraps up activities

Information & Technology

Damascus, In light of the aspirations for achieving a qualitative leap in the quality of the educational system that would contribute to the reconstruction in Syria , participants in the Educational Development Conference after concluding its activities on Saturday evening came up with a bunch of outcomes which they hoped to apply on the ground.

SANA's camera met a number of the participants in the conference who noted that the conference is a strategic turning point for building a new future for the sectors of education and higher education in Syria.

They underlined the importance of the conference on shedding light on the ability of the education to rebuild the human being after terrorism had tried to spread its dark Takfiri mentality.

They also underlined the importance of the vocational education and the cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Ministry to come up with fruitful outcomes that would contribute to developing the society.

The participants also hailed the scientific research which had been reviewed, discussed and selected during the conference by a scientific committee, indicating that the conference is a scientific challenge for redrawing the features of the educational sector in Syria.

They hoped that the outcomes of the conference will be realized on the ground, particularly as the proposed research papers were close to the reality of the educational process in a good way.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency