Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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eMart displays 17 properties in online auction

Dubai: eMart, the on-line portal of Dubai Land Department, has announced the release of 17 real estate properties for online auction to be held on December 4.

The properties include residential and commercial properties, and listings provide a full list of attributes including detailed maps, so that prospective traders can discover the various aspects of the property within the vision of the department to simplify and facilitate all procedures for real estate operators and stakeholders.

Director-General of the Dubai Land Department, Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, said, “The policies and plans that we are creating focus entirely on pushing the real estate sector in the emirate forward. This is manifested through our launch of eMart, which represents the latest development initiatives of the Dubai Land Department. The portal includes many unique advantages, features, and channels that will facilitate all real estate processes for stakeholders in this fruitful sector. There is no doubt that eMart will play a prominent role in enhancing the size of real estate transactions in the emirate.”

He confirmed that the initial offering of 17 properties since the portal’s launch earlier this month is a clear indication of the transparency and security of eMart, adding that this step points to an increase in real estate operations and transactions for the future. He also stressed that the Department is committed to developing initiatives that elevate the performance of the site in accordance with today’s requirements.

The online portal provides many real estate services, including the auction, sale, purchase, and rental of real estate through Ejari, with the option of an immediate hold on the property while viewing the details. Also, it provides the ability to complete the purchase of the property easily and conveniently later on through the Dubai Land Department. eMart also facilitates payment through Noqodi.

Bin Mejren added: “Our government’s decision to move towards smart governance is a modern outlook that embodies the spirit of Dubai, based on the optimal use of information technology in order to provide government services to citizens, residents, visitors, and businesses, governmental departments, and their employees, across multiple electronic channels, in order to facilitate their transactions and to facilitate their lives.

The online real estate auction system is considered a vivid example of transparency and competitiveness, since bids can be submitted through mobile phones and any other internet-enabled devices, and as such our launch of eMart is an embodiment of our vision of going smart, in line with the requirements of the Government of Dubai’s strategy.

People interested in participating in the electronic auction are expected to meet all the conditions of registration.