Monday, December 9, 2019
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Emotion biggest trigger of car purchase

Dubai: People buy cars not just for functional or financial reasons but for the love of driving.

Nielsen’s latest survey suggests that emotion is one of the biggest triggers of car purchases, with the majority (82 per cent) of UAE respondents saying they buy a new car because they love to be behind the wheels.

The survey also found that owning a car to fulfil utilitarian needs (78 per cent) or to reflect a symbol of status (71 per cent) are other motivators that will drive future automotive demand in the UAE.

“Automotive makers are well aware of the power of emotional connections for car buyers, but the key is making sure these messages are clear and resonate through their campaigns to the right audience,” said Akash Pal of Nielsen.

“If auto marketers know that consumers are driven by status, then sales efforts centred on the luxury car market should be a priority focus. Similarly, with utility-minded, finance-driven or driver-enthusiastic consumers, a keen focus on their desires will ensure that marketing strategies are proactive and aligned with their wants.”