Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Fares Saad elected as new SNSP Chief

The Syrian National Social Party [SNSP] elected Saturday in a meeting by its Higher Council Fares Saad as the Party's new head to succeed Hanna el-Nashef, who recently resigned from his post as Head of the Party.

In his word following the election and oath-swearing of the new Party Chief, Higher Council Head MP Asaad Hardan delivered a speech in which he stressed that "the Council, in line with its constitutional responsibilities, was keen on conducting the constitutional process in accordance with the relevant Party laws, ensuring the Party's supreme interests so that it can continue to perform its national duties and defend the interests of the nation and society."

He added: "Once again, the Syrian National Social Party proves that it is the party of institutions embodied in ideology and order, distinct and unique in its approach and democratic performance, and devoted to the democratic rotation of power."

"We are a party that bears its full responsibilities towards our people and in defending our country, facing all dangers and challenges...We are the party of struggle and we form the national plan against the Zionist enemy and all forms of terrorism, and we are the party of national unity in the face of sectarianism, division and strife," Hardan underscored.

In turn, the newly-elected Party Leader Saad thanked all those who invested their trust in him, vowing to pursue the path towards stronger internal solidarity and maximum positive interaction between the legislative and procedural authorities within the Party.

"I assure you that we are concerned with our Party's organizational, constitutional, political, economic and cultural priorities. Therefore, as a unified, responsible command, we will have the task to eliminate all obstacles that can hinder our determination to go on with a new momentum and in a stimulating, healthy environment," emphasized Saad.

Source: National News Agency