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Fashion Forward to showcase in Galeries Lafayette

Fashion Forward’s main aim is to make this a commercial event — which means getting the clothes shown on the runway into stores. So it was with clear pride that Bong Guererro, CEO and founder of Fashion Forward, announced at an opening lunch on Thursday that Galeries Lafayette will be providing a space in its Dubai Mall store for FFWD designers.

“We want to make sure designers’ efforts turn to success, he said. “We are hoping and looking forward to the rest of the retail sector to support our designers,” adding that talks with other local retail names are underway.

Meanwhile, jeweller Azza Fahmy will be visiting The Garden, FFWD’s accessories platform, and selecting 10-15 designers to mentor. Swarovski have selected six designers to create a special collection, another brand pairing Guererro said was typical of international fashion weeks.

“In London, Paris, New York and Milan you have brands collaborating with local fashion heroes.”

“It’s important we take our objectives seriously and slowly but with a lot of drive.”

The pop up collection will be there for a month and starts in May.