Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Fatfat deems proposal to form senate council coverup to dialogue fiasco

Future Parliamentary bloc MP, Ahmad Fatfat, on Monday expressed his political party's willingness to ensure the required constitutional quorum to elect a Lebanese president, confirming his bloc's intention to cooperate with whoever winds up being elected as the President of the Lebanese Republic.

"It is pretty obvious that Hezbollah doesn't wish to elect a president at the time being and prefers void," the lawmaker told "Orient" radio station, calling on concerned sides to pressure Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement to ensure the required presidential election session's quorum.

"We have heard Change and Reform MP Gebran Bassil say, 'We opt for disruption until we get what we want.'," Fatfat added.

Touching on the three-day dialogue, the lawmaker regretted the fact that no official statement had been made to pacify the public opinion about the outcome of dialogue. He deemed proposals to form a senate council an outright attempt to cover-up the "failure" of dialogue.

"We have proposed the formation of a senate council by means of a serious proposal that we had forwarded to the House of Parliament three years ago. This dossier also included an elections law proposal, and a decentralization proposal - which means the full implementation of Taef agreement," Fatfat explained.

The lawmaker went on to shed light on growing fears that the formation of a senate council would lead to the abolishment of political sectarianism -- a point which has already hindered the full implementation of the Taef agreement.

Touching on Berri's political initiative, Fatfat explained that the House Speaker sought some change in the political system at the absence of a president.

"If they really desire reform as an end-result, they should consider electing a president before anything else," Fatfat said, suggesting that reform discussions include be in agreement among all sides over illegal arms, sovereignty, a senate council, the abolishment of political sectarianism, and finally the implementation of political decentralization.

As for Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's proclamation of victory in Syria's Aleppo, Fatfat said, "Nasrallah has rushed declaring victory. A near decisive battle is farfetched because the Syrian was will last for long years from now. We stand before a very long battle because the Syrian people will never succumb."

Source: National News Agency