Friday, December 6, 2019
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Finding 4K content is a big issue

Dubai: If you have a 4K TV, finding 4K content is a big issue. The present 2K content produced by the Full HD TV can be upscaled to 4K by the TV software.

“4K TV with real 4K content is like watching through the window. The content for 4K is less now but it will grow by next year,” said Sweta Dash, senior director for display research at IHS.

Right now only a handful of movies are mastered in 4K now, especially by Sony Entertainment. Sony has around 40 movies re-mastered in 4K.

However, Samsung is solving the problem by launching a 4K movie pack with five movies and three documentaries, and consumers will be able to download 50 UHD movies in the third quarter.

“We are partnering with icflix and OSN, who have a huge premium content of movies. Later this year, we will launch MBC’s services as they also have a premium content of movies and TV shows,” he said.