Friday, December 6, 2019
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Flydubai flights to boost Al-Ahsa’s global links

Al-Ahsa Airport recently received the first international flight of flydubai from Dubai Airport.
The flight arrived at 1 p.m. and passengers were welcomed with flowers.
Present at the reception were Saleh Al-Afaleq, chairman of Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, officials from General Authority of Civil Aviation and Saudi Commission of Tourism and Antiquities and businessmen.
Khaled bin Abdullah Khybre, spokesperson for the General Authority of Civil Aviation, said flydubai is the second international airline licensed to operate Al-Ahsa flights.
He said: “It will start with two flights per week. The first flight will be on Thursdays while the second will be on Saturdays.’’
Khybre said: “This step comes under the direction of Prince Fahd bin Abdullah, head of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, to encourage local airports to serve citizens and residents and provide more easier travel options.”
He said Al-Ahsa airport operates currently   international flights from Sharjah and Dubai, and Qatar Airways will start operating its flights from the airport to Doha later this year.
He said the first flight of flydubai from Al-Ahsa Airport departed on Thursday at 2 p.m.
Following the flight’s arrival, Hammad Obaidullah, head of business processes, expressed his happiness over the arrival of the first flight of the airline in Al-Ahsa airport.
“There would be an increase in the number of flights in the future,“ he said.
The branch manager of the General Authority of Tourism and Antiquities in Al-Ahsa said the international flight operations to and from Al-Ahsa would create a competitive atmosphere for tourism services.
He added: “Flydubai’s move to join the airlines operating their flights to and from Al-Ahsa Airport would in turn boost tourism for the UAE and the rest of GCC countries who wish to visit Al-Ahsa.”
Al-Ahsa is well known for historical mountains and oasis, and Saudi Arabia’s second major date producing center.
Every year thousands of tons of dates are harvested in Al-Ahsa. It also forms a large part of the Eastern Province’s economy.