FM: Egypt made great efforts to end suffering of the Palestinian people

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said that Egypt has made assiduous efforts and intensive contacts with all concerned parties to end the suffering of the Palestinian people and ensure that they enjoy their legitimate rights and that the region restores its security and stability.

In a speech he addressed to the 30th special virtual session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the grave human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, he noted that Egypt’s success in brokering a ceasefire agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis has prevented the further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Shoukry slammed the unjustified escalation and grave violations perpetrated in the occupied Palestinian territories in a way that contradicts the core principles of human rights that the world community is keen to uphold.

The top Egyptian diplomat pointed out that the Egyptian vision toward the Palestinian issue is based on four basic axes; first, consolidating the ceasefire; second, pushing forward the prospects for a political settlement by launching serious negotiations aimed at reaching a just and comprehensive settlement to the Palestinian problem on the basis of internationally-acknowledged terms of reference, ending the Israeli occupation and establishing an independent Palestinian state; third, providing the Palestinians with all the humanitarian support they need; and four, guaranteeing that the international community, including the Human Rights Council, assume their full responsibility toward the Palestinians.

He concluded by urging the UN Human Rights Council to issue a resolution that would contribute to ensuring the human rights of the Palestinian people.

Source: State Information Service Egypt

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