Former Minister Mohammad Fneish pointed Sunday to “renewed efforts to form the government through the role of House Speaker Nabih Berri and Hezbollah,” adding, “We provide all possible support to address the problem, which is clearly internal and not linked to external pressures,’ while noting that “external interventions played a role in reaching this situation.”

Fneish’s words came during a political meeting held at the Imam Khomeini Cultural Center in the city of Nabatiyeh in the South, marking the occasion of “Resistance and Liberation Day”, in the presence of prominent figures and representative from the region.

“We entered a very serious crisis in terms of the future of the country and the security and economy of the people. We must work to form a government to reduce this crisis,” he underlined.

At the regional scene, Fneish considered that “the struggle today is not only with the Zionist enemy, but rather the real struggle is with this tyrannical, arrogant spread that the US administration clearly represents, so that the region remains under shinning slogans…”

“We witnessed a shift in public opinion, and we saw demonstrations of popular support for the Palestinian cause because it is a humanitarian issue,” he said.

On the Syrian issue, Fneish affirmed “the importance of defeating the Takfiri terrorism, which posed a threat to the region and its peoples…”

Source: National News Agency

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