Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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For those staying back, it’s not a bad deal

Dubai has its own holiday charm and there are plenty of offers: in food, clothing and fun. Here are some ideas to make it financially worthwile. But plan in advance and book now. It may be too late if you leave it for the last minute.

-Avail the variously priced offers in different restaurants, activities, dhow cruises or desert safaris, provided by Entertainer vouchers or online discount/deals sites.

-Check your banks’ credit and debit card—they offer discounts at various restaurants, gift shops and movie theatres.

-If you want to save cost, consider a Christmas or New Year’s Day brunch, rather than a lunch or dinner, at a nearby hotel.

-The malls and hotels will be decked out with decorations, food and drink won’t be any more expensive due to the festive season and taxis won’t be triple time after midnight, points out Pete Samuell, financial planner at Acuma. “Make the most of public celebrations or ask friends who are staying in the UAE what their plans are as sharing the cost may mean you won’t have to miss out.”

– Remember that social media sites enable us all to be linked at Festive Seasons, says Steve Gregory, partner at Holborn Assets. “One year my brother-in-law and his family in Australia and my family in Dubai were linked online (and on the big TV screen) for more than 8 hours at no cost. What a great celebration we all had.”