Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Spreading Arabic language is at the core of Egypt’s foreign policy

Foreign Affairs

Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zaid has said that preserving the Arabic language and backing its spread come at the core of Egypt’s foreign policy.


Speaking at a symposium organized by Ain Shams University on Thursday as part of activities to mark the World Arabic Language Day, the spokesman stressed the importance of shoring up efforts to preserve the Arabic language as the incubator for the comprehensive concept of Arab national security.


There is a close link between “the Arabic language, culture and Arab national security,” he made it clear.


There is no doubt that the Arab region is experiencing a major crisis that has political, developmental, economic and security dimensions, the spokesman said.


The international system is also going through a new phase of transformation, particularly in light of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and its repercussions, in addition to attempts to interfere in the affairs of other regions.


The diplomatic tool is the main tool for dealing with this reality, and it is a diverse tool with many elements, including the Arabic language, he said, adding the Arabic language brought Arab countries together.


The Arabic language is a pillar of the cultural diversity of humanity.


It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, used daily by more than 400 million people.


World Arabic Language Day is celebrated every year on December 18, since 2012. The date coincides with the day in 1973 that the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted Arabic as the sixth official language of the Organization.


Source: State Information Service Egypt