Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Four Syrians Face Terrorism Charges in Germany

German authorities say they've arrested four Syrians on terrorism charges for allegedly fighting for an extremist group in their homeland.

Mustafa K., 41, Abdullah K., 39, Sultan K., 44, and Ahmed K., 51, whose last names weren't released according to privacy regulations, are accused of membership in a terrorist organization for fighting for the Nusra Front in the northern Syrian city Ras al-Ayn starting in late 2012.

Federal prosecutors said in a statement Monday they were allegedly involved in the group's fight against Syrian government troops and Kurdish defense forces.

Mustafa and Sultan are also charged with war crimes for allegedly forcing civilians from the city and plundering their possessions.

Prosecutors identified three of the men as brothers but weren't available to provide details on the fourth.

Source: Voice of America