Saturday, September 21, 2019
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French MP meets Mokbel, pledges continued support to Lebanese Army

Vice Prime Minister, National Defense Minister Samir Mokbel, met at his ministerial office on Wednesday with visiting French MP, MichAle Alliot-Mariee, who promised the Minister to follow up on France's support to the Lebanese Army and to coordinate the means of providing Lebanon with the aid needed as it bears the prevailing situation.

"The meeting was very positive. I have touched a general understanding of the regional situation, and that of Lebanon in specific," Mokbel said in the wake of the meeting, hailing the French MP's detailed perception of the situation in the region, especially concerning the Syrian refugee crisis.

In turn, the French diplomat expressed great respect for the Lebanese Army institution, especially after years of cooperation between the Lebanese and French armies.

"We have suffered together tough circumstances. We should keep working together in light of the current political and strategic circumstances," she added, voicing fundamental trust in the Lebanese Army institution, "which is the backbone of Lebanon, and the guarantor of national unity."

"I am fully confident that we will eventually be able to beat the challenges ahead, especially terrorism, which has been a major threat to all citizens," she added.

Source: National News Agency