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Future bloc says Baabda meeting reflected positively on monetary stability

Future bloc on Tuesday convened at the Center House under the chairmanship of MP Bahiya Hariri, to discuss most recent political developments and the overall situation in the country.

In a statement issued in the wake of the periodic meeting, the bloc underlined the importance of the holding of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit in Beirut as "an advanced platform to renew trust in Lebanon's message and its distinctive position in its Arab milieu."

The bloc hailed the measures and efforts exerted by the Presidency of the Republic to secure the requirements of the success of this summit and the hopes pinned on it to strengthen Arab solidarity and the role played by Lebanon as a link among the various brethrens.

On the recent incidents that occurred in Beirut objecting the Libyan state's participation in the summit (including taking to the streets and tearing the Libyan flag), the bloc categorically regarded these incidents as "detrimental to the prestige of the Lebanese state and was not useful to the case of the disappeared Imam Mousa al-Sadr."

On the successive calls by a large component of the Lebanese to postpone the summit against the backdrop of Syria's not invited to the summit, the bloc deemed these calls as "contrary to the minimum rules of joint Arab action and mechanisms related to the Arab League in this regard."

On the other hand, the bloc welcomed the announced measures on the financial and economic deadlines, hailing Baadba meeting in this regard which "reflected positively on monetary stability and financial markets."

Source: National News Agency