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Future Bloc: The challenges necessitate rapid government formation

The Future Parliamentary Bloc held today (Tuesday) a meeting at the "Center House" under the chairmanship of Prime Minister-Designate Saad Hariri. At the end of the meeting, MP Sami Fatfat read the following statement:

First: The bloc welcomed the results of the parliamentary consultations and the high confidence that resulted from them and led to the designation of Premier Saad Hariri to form the new government.

The bloc said that the renewal of this confidence symbolizes the gathering around national choices to protect the political, economic and security stability. These choices were always linked to the exceptional initiatives of Premier Hariri and his remarkable efforts to restore the respect of legal paths and activate the state and its constitutional institutions.

In this regard, the bloc expressed its satisfaction with the results of the preliminary consultations with the parliamentary blocs and the announced intentions about the formation of the government. It also stressed the importance of exerting efforts to facilitate the mission of the Prime Minister -Designate and reach a government that translates the results of the elections and the national consensus on the importance of solidarity to face the economic and regional challenges.

The local and external challenges necessitate speeding up the formation of the government and not wasting time in any disputes that would delay this formation and impede the administrative and reform mechanisms required from the Lebanese state to deal with the conferences and the investment project to improve the Lebanese economy.

Second: The bloc discussed the security situation in Baalbek and its region, and stressed that the Lebanese army and security forces must take full responsibility in deterring outlaws and protecting all the citizens in their homes or workplaces.

Third: The bloc confirms its position regarding Law 10 issued by the Syrian regime that called on Syrians to register their properties within one month otherwise the state will confiscate them.

The bloc warned against the dangers of this law and its consequences on hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians who fled the hell of war to the neighboring countries, including Lebanon that is concerned by finding a final solution to this humanitarian crisis and easing its burdens on the Lebanese and the national economy.

Hariri also received Central Bank Governor Riad Salame and discussed with him financial and economic subjects.

Source: National News Agency