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Geagea says balance of power is in the interest of March 14th Forces

Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, refused to consider that “the vertical division between March 8 and 14 is absent”, describing it as “a matter of principle related to Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence, with all parties agreeing not to translate it at the political level, since that would reap destruction in the country.

“At the popular level, however, people are divided between March 8 and March 14, so is the case within the cabinet, especially when sensitive issues are proposed for discussion,” he added.

Speaking in an interview with the Lebanese Forces website team earlier today, Geagea said, “There is no fear of the existence of figures affiliated to the Syrian regime within the parliament and government, since Syria no longer has power in Lebanon for its regime has no more strength in its country,” adding that “the balance of power is in the interest of March 14th Forces.”

Geagea expressed his conviction that the possibility of “Syrian President Bashar el-Assad’s remaining in power is minimal, for he is staying today because there is no clear vision at this moment, the Syrian crisis is frozen, and the regime is not defined at present, considering that the powers in Syria are Iran, Russia, America and its allies.”

“The balance among these forces would determine his [Assad’s] position,” he noted.

Referring to the intersection of relations between the Lebanese Forces and Hezbollah, Geagea indicated that this has been due to the latter’s current engagement in daily living dossiers in the country, unlike in the past. “Today, matters must be approached objectively when a file is presented within the Council of Ministers and agreed upon by both parties,” he explained, adding, “The current phase is political, par excellence!”

As for the threatening economic situation in Lebanon, Geagea indicated that “the LF Party has a clear vision of the pre-collapse stage, as it is our basic duty to prevent any deterioration. In this sense, the Party is moving at all levels, and today we are fighting the battle of the state budget, whereby its study, discussion and endorsement as required would guarantee that no collapse occurs.”

Geagea pointed to the slow pace at the level of the state in addressing this matter, “so the Lebanese Forces Party is seeking to activate measures to avoid any collapse in light of the amount of rampant corruption.”

He stressed that “Lebanon can carry out reforms with or without the Cedar Conference, since these reforms are necessary and we must have a practical and clean country.”

As for the talk about the presidential elections, Geagea considered this as “premature”, especially that “it is impossible to predict the circumstances and equation of said elections at this time.”

Source: National News Agency