Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Google to further push a YouTube usage in Saudi Arabia

Dubai: A three-member team from Google is preparing to pay the first visit of its kind to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday (March 5) with the aim of further strengthening the usage of YouTube in the kingdom, which has already broken records.

Saudi Arabia, which has an estimated population of 28 million, is “very important to us because YouTube usage there is breaking records,” Mohammad Mourad, Google Mena Regional Manager and one of the visiting team [members], said in an interview with Gulf News.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia “is ranked highest country in the world in terms of mobile usage on YouTube,” he added.

Therefore, a visit to be closer to partners and build new partnership was planned, he said.

“One part (of the visit) is to really strengthen our relationship with our existing partners. And another part is to reach out to the large content creator community to show them and explain to them how YouTube works and how they can be successful on YouTube,” Mourad said.

YouTube partners are the content owners or content creators who have channelled on YouTube and generate advertising, he explained. They have millions of subscribers and hundreds of million of viewers.

Giant search engine of Google, which offers YouTube, has no physical entity in Saudi Arabia. However, Google staff in the Dubai-based regional headquarter pay frequent visits to the kingdom.

During the visit, hundreds of partners and potential partners were invited to take part in the “event” , to show how users can benefit from the YouTube platform.

Almost 1,700 people have registered to participate, noted Maha Abouelenein, head of global communications and public affairs for the Middle East and North Africa region at Google.